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The best environments

Invest in unique housing systems from Jyden. Penning and equipment that has been tested by the leading experts of the industry and the world’s best farmers. This ensures you good options for the best conditions for your production, with thoroughly tested products and solutions.

Our solutions equips you for the future – the combination of our unique products and our highly specialized knowledge on farm design, means that you can focus on the things that are important to you and the daily operation of your farm.

Our strong, flexible and reliable products, that are thoroughly tested to achieve the best quality, contributes to good health and well-being of the animals many years ahead – and help you to maximize the value of your production.


Unique products and advice on design

We have developed a series of unique products that takes part in the creation of the best environments for pig producers.

Our products can be combined with our expertise within design and installation to improve your starting point for better conditions and growth.

With Jyden as your partner you get at reliable solution of the highest quality and dependable products that have been researched in our test center to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

Fiber penning from Jyden

With our fiber solutions for pigs you get: 10 mm volume in a strong, compact material. The material has a smooth surface that is efficient to clean and creates a high level of hygiene.

As an alternative Jyden can – as the only company on the market – supply penning materials in glass fiber. Glass fiber has a volume of 10 mm, a smooth surface and few joints and fittings. It is also penetrable to light and a recycled material.

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