One step in the right direction for Jydens ventilation system

Jydens development and ventilation technicians are working on a new regulatory principle for our CC10 ventilation system. This work means we are now relaunching our CC10 system, which is now ready to meet the latest standards in the animal production industry.

Jyden's Automation CC10 is a 25-year-old system developed for the business of the time, which means a pure P-band management and some features that can be doubted whether it's appropriate to use or not to use.

The system is either impossible or very difficult to regulate if there is a constant underpressure in the stables, corresponding to 99% of all underpressures, which is the requirement for the regulation process in today's Denmark. The CC10 has difficulty performing in this area plus some other areas.

For a long time, Jyden has discussed different issues and investigated why the system was performing as it did. Among our ventilation technicians, we have discussed a new regulatory principle for the CC10.

Jydens development and ventilation technicians have recently been working on the task, in the pursuit of a new regulatory principle. The principle has been tested, with measuring instruments on all outputs, with a perfect result. Wednesday, 21st November, it was tested in a finisher unit farm at pig producer Søren Fogdal, who made his farm available for the test. Once again, a positive result for our test attempts.

At the moment we are working on the values that the automation should provide as a standard, covering as many situations and types of stables as possible. Jyden expect a new program ready for delivery in February 2019.