New slogan same values


With Jyden's new global vision, we have worked on the framework that we believe gives the public the clearest perception of our daily work.

At the beginning of the preparation of our new slogan, we therefore had three questions we have worked with: 1. Who are we? 2. What can we do? And 3. where would we like to go? These are three important issues that the slogan's basic substance must have to achieve the effect we want to raise awareness.

Once you recognize the connection between our will to produce high standards that are simple and accessible - and our main purpose, which is value creation for the customer, then you will find the two elements that bring life to the slogan. High standards and value creation for the customer - that's what Jyden creates and has made the company a leader in the industry for almost 100 years.

We therefore meet the world with a simple message, which at the same time tells what the business can (crystal clear so everyone can related to that) and what we do? - We create good environments!