Jens got his dream internship

Jens Backmann is currently studying agricultural technology, specializing in cattle. Right now he has embarked on his last semester of the education and as part of this he has chosen a two-month internship at Jyden.

Besides his current education in agricultural technology, he is also an educated farmer. That experience, the 24-year-old Jens Backmann hopes to be able to use in a future job, where he can deal with advisory services and sales within the industry. 

- Being able to visit people and use my background is something I really like, is the immediate comment from Jens Backmann.

He had already been looking at Jyden when he had to do his 14-day internship. But the enthusiasm for the company and the opportunity to test and develop a proper study on latex mattresses for cattle made Jens wait until he had to do his two-month internship.

- I think it's great that you can come in with some ideas and be listened to, and that I am allowed to test. It's something I can get something out of and hopefully something that Jyden can benefit from. It's great that I can get help and advice from some of the competent people who are in the company, says Jens Backmann.

His study on latex mattresses are ongoing, and Jens Backmann hopes to be able to produce valuable data and results on different types of mattresses and their performance.

- The problem arises from the fact that there are consultants who thinks that the latex should be loaded with a certain number of kilograms per. cubic meter, and I'd like to try to investigatoren that further, says a smiling Jens Backmann and continues:

- Using a pressure test, I try to create some useful results by applying different pressure on the mats - for example, 5 bar which amounts to 250 kg. To do this we have made a construction that is designed to represent the knees of the cow. It will illustrate the kneecap that comes first when the cow is lying down. Before the pressure I have prepared a ‘point zero’  from which I measure, adjust the pressure and measure again. This way, I keep working down the latex, to see how much it loosens, says Jens Backmann.

He will, in the coming time, work with a stress test, where the construction will run up to 2000 times of pressure applications, after which the mattresses will be assessed on how they deform.

- It is an important premise. It is good with a soft mattress, but if it is flat after half a year, then it has not been worth the money for the costumer, says Jens Backmann. He hopes that the experiment can provide a clearer picture of the options that are available on the market of mattresses.

- There have been many claims about the standards of for example number of kilos. Therefore, it is exciting to see if it is something that have just been made up or where the claim comes from?

This experiment was conducted in 1999 with valid results, but the development of the mattresses has moved noticeably over the last twenty years, where the composition of latex among others has been under development.