From internship to full-time employee

The internship gave 24-year-old Jens Backmann a full-time position in internal sales at Jyden.

An internship in internal sales made both Jens Backmann and Jyden want more. From July 1, 2019, Jens got a full-time position at Jyden as a result of a successful internship.

When Jens started his internship on February 18, 2019, he was surprised to learn that Jyden not just was a blacksmith solely engaged in the production of barn solutions. But it was also a company that had a great deal of knowledge and expertise where he could use his own education as an agricultural technologist.

Jens entered his internship with an open mind, and this was noticed by Jyden's management. In addition, the company was changing its strategic efforts in relation to the cattle section, and since this is where Jens has a general knowledge, it was a natural match, explains Jesper Hostrup, internal sales manager.

- The crucial thing for Jyden was that we saw a hardworking and competent trainee who had the qualities we find necessary with an employee. In addition, Jens has a young age and wants to learn all the opportunities to develop.

- In our internal sales department, it means that the trainee not only takes a seat at a desk, but also become part of the company and get involved, says Jesper Hostrup.

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