Delivery to Organic pig production in Spain

Jyden delivering to Spain on Viktor Farms organic pig production. A high efficient project, with a great focus on the well-being and health of the pigs.

The farm was built ten years ago, with focus on organic production for 300 sows with weaner units and farrowing pens.

Jyden has also provided assistance in connection with making some changes in order to strictly comply with the legislation for free farrowing pens.
Viktor Farm was introduced to one of our free farrowing pens projects, where they got an idea of the possibilities and design. This contributed to creating the basis for the agreement, as Jyden has a great focus on operating routines and, not least, animal health and pen design with a high hygiene.

For the pen design, Jyden has delivered total 72 farrowing loose pens of 3,00 mts x 2,50 mts model JLF-10 SWAP.