Advice and penning to Bioland, Ukraine

Jyden has implemented lots of projects all over the world this year. One is these are our project in Ukraine, Agrocomplex "Bioland".

Agrocomplex "Bioland" is part of the Ukrainian agricultural ecology group BIOLAND: The group's activity is planting and trading of grain. The company cultivates more than 4000 ha of land using their own modern machinery. The company also has a modern grain storage capacity of 50,000 t.


Last year, the company decided to set up a pig farm in the rebuilding of the old collective farm, where Jyden delivered a full design and all technology for a pig farm 220 sows full line based on 3 existing buildings. The project is being implemented successfully in cooperation with the company Agroclimate Ukraine.

In this project Jyden delivered the following equipment: flooring, PVC and PP panels penning, water supply system, dry feeding system with galvanized silos. In order to make a high efficient project we recommended and support the client to use Danish genetics (DanAvl from DanBred International) and feed rations from Vilomix.

This project for 220 sows full line is a first phase of the project. the client is considered to increase production at least in twice.