05. December 2019
Ms. Sussie Ketit new Managing Director of SKIOLD, Qingdao.
As part of a strategic effort in the field of our Chinese activities SKIOLD China will be relaunched as a SALES COMPANY with a sharp focus on the SALES of SOLUTIONS and PROJECTS for farming.
29. July 2019
From internship to full-time employee
The internship gave 24-year-old Jens Backmann a full-time position in internal sales at Jyden. An internship in internal sales made both Jens Backmann and Jyden want more. From July 1, 2019, Jens got a full-time position at Jyden as a result of a successful internship.
11. June 2019
Mr Bruce Liu takes the role as new General Manager of Jyden China
From the of 1 June 2019, Mr Bruce Liu has taken over the role as General Manager of Jyden China and SKIOLD China in order to accelerate the integration of the two organizations in China. All employees of Jyden China will refer to Mr Liu from this date.
03. June 2019
Delivery to Organic pig production in Spain
Jyden delivering to Spain on Viktor Farms organic pig production. A high efficient project, with a great focus on the well-being and health of the pigs. The farm was built ten years ago, with focus on organic production for 300 sows with weaner units and farrowing pens.
11. April 2019
SKIOLD A/S and Jyden Bur A/S will be stronger together
After decades of collaboration on several projects in the agricultural industry, the two companies SKIOLD A/S in Sæby and Jyden Bur A/S in Holstebro, has chosen to enter into a full partnership.
29. March 2019
Jens got his dream internship
Jens Bachmann is currently studying as an agricultural technology specializing in cattle. Right now he has embarked on his last semester of the education and in this connection, he has chosen a two-month internship at Jyden.
21. March 2019
Another full line project sees the light of day with Jyden
Jyden Bur A / S - Jyden is becoming increasingly larger in their global activities. Effectively a new full line project is under construction in a size, which contains approx. 2500 sows.
07. March 2019
Jyden Bur A/S delivers record-breaking results
For the financial year 2018 the company has delivered a historically high profit level. After a year of increased export to China and several other international markets, Jyden Bur A/S presents the best financial result in many years.
22. February 2019
Jyden hires new Area Sales Manager in Sweden.
Per Nilsson has been hired as new Area Sales Manager in Sweden. He will be replacing Kjell Hansson, who continues in a new position as Senior Project Consultant.
18. December 2018
One step in the right direction for Jydens ventilation system
Jydens development and ventilation technicians are working on a new regulatory principle for our CC10 ventilation system. This work means we are now relaunching our CC10 system, which is now ready to meet the latest standards in the animal production industry.
11. December 2018
Advice and penning to Bioland, Ukraine
Jyden has implemented lots of projects all over the world this year. One is these are our project in Ukraine, Agrocomplex "Bioland".
26. October 2018
New Brochures Out Now
Jyden has sent out our new brochure. Here you can get more information about our systems on a concept level, so you have a better overview of your next project.