Extend the life of your equipment with a service agreement

With a service agreement, you ensure the maintenance and optimal functioning of your Jyden installations. The service inspection is carried out by our trained staff who have extensive knowledge of our systems and other solutions. They check that the conditions of your Jyden equipment is working optimally and make they the necessary inspection. This minimizes the risk of damage to your equipment, damage that can complicate or even stop your daily operations, but instead you ensure an increased durability of your inventory with a service check.

With a service agreement, you can always contact our 24-hour telephone service free of charge. If our staff is needed outside normal working hours, this will also be free of charge, when you have the service agreement.

With a service agreement at Jyden you will also have access to good discount arrangements for replaced spare parts and components, when we make our service visit.

Spare parts and components

Delivery of original spare parts to secure the best quality for your animal housing

Jyden has developed solid, flexible and reliable solutions that ensure you proven solutions for your production. We focus on good and durable spare parts as well as providing regular service to ensure the best performance of your equipment. Jyden's solutions and systems consist of many components that ensure that these parts will work perfectly together. Therefore, when choosing spare parts, it is important that you get the original ones. Our spare parts have been tested and approved by the ones who have developed Jyden systems and products - therefore we can deliver these with the necessary expertise and send it directly from our warehouse.

Our consultants are ready to service you!
At Jyden we are ready to provide you with all the service and consulting you need! This also applies when we have delivered our products and solutions. We are always at your disposal! Our consultants have the expertise in their field and they are always available by phone or mail, if you need help.

Contact your consultant
You can contact Jyden on phone +45 9748 4099 or our consultant directly.

Assembly and spare parts

Bent Holgersen

Sales back-up - Spare Parts
+45 6162 0535

Peder Kristensen

Service and sales support
+45 2082 8701

Michael Boring

Installation Manager
+45 2521 5223