Water is vital to ensure good feed intake, growth and meet animal welfare needs. Weaners must have free access to water at all times as they drink 1-5 litres per day.

Water can be supplied via AquaLevel, drinking valves or cups placed in the activity or dunging area of the pen. In the weaner unit it is important to choose an easy learning principle for the weaners to use. Valves ensure fresh water all the time, while the water level in drinking cups may seem attractive to the weaners. Both valves and cups should be placed at the correct height for the animals in order to accommodate both new-arrived and ready-to-go weaners. Alternatively, several valves can be set up at different heights to and help eliminate competition between different sizes of animals.


AquaLevel is operated by means of a vacuum, which forces the rubber membrane to shut off the water supply. The vacuum is formed as the water ab- sorbs air in the valve chamber, thus regulating the flow of water. Pigs are therefore provided with a constant water level, motivating them to drink more. The AquaLevel head is opened and closed by four clips - without use of tools. The water connection at the rear can be rotated 360 ° (flexible in regards of installation) and has a built-in valve. AquaLevel can be mounted on 1/2" plastic pipes for weaner pens.

AquaLevel has a proven water saving of 50% compared to traditional drinking cups!

5 reasons to choose AquaLevel from Jyden

  • Constant water level
  • Good and user-friendly design
  • Tightly closed membrane
  • Strong material
  • Proven water saving

-> Increased water absorption
-> Easy and efficient cleaning
-> High reliability
-> Long durability
-> Economic savings

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