Jydens ventilation systems - a safe choice!

Jyden's CC-Controller series ensures the required temperature and air velocity of the animals' living zone. All of Jydens ventilation systems are equipped with an intelligent emergency program. The program is based on how it is ventilated / preset before a possible error / power failure. Ventilation data is stored for approx. 2 hours, and the
program uses the average ventilation (at least 15%) by an error.

The air intake will be done by Jyden's program of unique, isolated cold-air inlets or by the ordinary molded wall / ceiling inlets. In addition, Jyden's recognized EC fans can be used, providing the possibility of greater energy savings.

Jyden recommends to connect an associated alarm system and also to install
an efficient sprinkling system during hot periods.

5 reasons to choose ventilation systems from Jyden

  • Minimum investment
  • Easy to install
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal service
  • Economic in operation

Climate zones

Polar climate

Cold climate

Moderate climate

Subtropical climate

Tropical climate


JBM-1: Diffuse ventilation  
Diffuse suppressor ventilation is characterized by air supply suction from the ceiling through the insulation. It provides a concentrated air supply which ensures a low air velocity without draft for the animals.

Building construction: Grid block
Used for: Groups

JBM-2: Combi diffuse ventilation   
The system is a combination of diffuse ventilation and traditional underpressure ventilation with ceiling or wall valves that serve as additional air intakes and emergency ventilation. During warm periods, there is optimal control of airflow, amount and velocity, where the valves create a cooling effect directly down the pen.

Building construction: Grid block
Used for: Groups

JBM-3: Ventilation with wall valves  
Pressurized ventilation with wall valves can be adjusted to the level of ventilation depending on the building, interior and volume. The air is taken through the wall valves and extracted through units in the ceiling or the wall. The wall valves ensure that the air is uniformly distributed so that temperature differences are minimized, which both increase efficiency and animal welfare.

Building construction: Grid trusses, scissor trusses, steel trusses and arch shaped buildings
Used for: Continuous / groups

JBM-4: Ventilation with ceiling inlets  
Underpressure ventilation with ceiling inlets is to be used by the same principle as for wall inlets. The air intake is through the ceiling inlets and the air is extracted through units in the ceiling or the wall. Ventilation with ceiling inlets is ideal for wide buildings where the ventilation level can be adjusted depending on the building, design and volume.

Building construction: Grid trusses, scissor trusses and arch shaped buildings
Used for: Continous / groups

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