Pen Design

Fiber- and fiberglass penning

Jyden's finisher penning of fiber and fiberglass is built on the same concept. The difference lies in the choice of the material. Both fiber and fiberglass material has a minimal volume of only 10 mm, reducing the construction and investment need.

The penning is closed at a height of 65 cm with either two or three horizontal pipes, giving a total height of 88 or 100 cm, respectively. In that way the pen- ning can be more "open" wherever desired, making the pen easier to ventilate, helping to minimise the risk of tail biting

Despite its thickness, the fiber and fiberglass material is very durable, which helps to ensure the long lasting stamina and functionality of the pen. The smooth surface of the material reduces the accumulation of bacteria - enabling easy and efficient cleaning. A cleaner housing environment means better hygiene and a lower frequency of diseases, enabling a optimum conditions for animal growth and development.

For WTF-pens and hospital pens, a climate cover can be provided with a centrally operation system - either operated manually or by motor. This feature gives the opportunity for a good overview of the housing unit, and it makes it easier to identify a sick pig at an early stage.

You can add on an extended warranty on fiberglass penning!

5 reasons to choose fiber penning from Jyden

  • 10 mm. thickness
  • Strong, solid material
  • Smooth surface and few connections
  • Gray and light material
  • Alternative to fiberglass units

-> More m2 penning / space saving
-> Long-lasting pen design
-> Efficient cleaning and good hygiene
-> Stylish working environment
-> Economical savings

5 reasons to choose fiberglass penning from Jyden

  • 10 mm. thickness
  • Strong, solid material
  • Smooth surface and few connections
  • Light-permeable material
  • Sustainable material (recycled)

-> More m2 penning / space saving
-> Long-lasting pen design
-> Efficient cleaning and good hygiene
-> Bright, friendly working environment
-> Design with respect for the environment

Planking penning

Jyden's planking penning is designed with a high level of finish and functionality, providing a safe and protective environment for the finishers. I.e. the plastic posts have rounded edges, providing good safety for the finishers, thus minimizing injuries. The design with plastic posts also means tight joints, and in combination with the smooth surface of the planking, enables the pen to be easily cleaned, providing good hygiene in the pen.

The planking pens can be customized according to the dimensions of the unit, and it is also easy to adapt the planking to the current floor slope, minimizing the investment cost significantly.

The pen can be supplied with a large or small hinged gate. The small gate is fitted with "self-lock", locking just by a slight push (lockable from both sides). The large gate can easily be opened and closed on both sides - thanks to the functional click system. The gate is tightly connected to the floor, thus minimi- zing dung at the alley.

The planking pens for finishers are closed with a height of 75 cm with two up- per pipes - making a total of 100 cm - providing a good opportunity for natural ventilation of the pens in between, helping to minimise the risk of tail biting. The pen walls can be designed with a grid element, planking or alternatively, planking with one horizontal top pipe.

5 reasons to choose planking penning from Jyden

  • Closed connections/ smooth surface
  • Great finish and functionality
  • Design with features
  • Easy to adapt to housing units
  • Easy and user-friendly penning

-> Efficient cleaning and good hygiene
-> Good usability
-> Optimized animal welfare (safety)
-> Economical savings
-> Good working conditions

Panel penning

Jydens panel penning is made of polypropylene material which has the advantage of being resistant to most chemicals as well as being resistant to dynamic impact. This product feature helps to maintain the material as new, ensuring a long durability of the penning.

Inside, the panel cells are made with a diameter of 51 mm. - a construction that makes the penning safe and stable.
The surface of the material is smooth, minimising the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. It also gives the opportunity for easy and efficient cleaning, thus providing good hygiene conditions - and thus healthier pigs in the unit.

There are several options in regards to pen design as the pen walls can be provided with closed, semi-open, fully open or divided penning - depending on the need for penning and ventilation of the unit.
Pens made of panels reduce the use of posts and fittings which provides economical savings and a practical bonus in regards to mounting. The panel penning is characterized by a strong stiffening - with a stabilization mandrei - of the wall for liquid feeding. It is possible to integrate a 40 mm liquid feeding pipe or alternatively - to mount feeders directly on the penning.

5 reasons to choose panel penning from Jyden

  • Resistant to heavy impact & chemicals 
  • Smooth surface & few connections 
  • Simple design with few posts/ fittings 
  • More opportunities of pen design 
  • Combination of stainless steel/ panel 

-> Long durability
-> Efficient cleaning and good hygiene
-> Easy, quick and an economical mounting
-> Good housing environment
-> Acid resistant & strong penning

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