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Liquid feeding

Jyden's housing solutions for finishers - applicable for fiber, fiberglass, board and panel penning - can be adapted to liquid feed systems.
Jyden's own stainless steel trough is an optimal solution as it is designed to suit the pigs' anatomy and eating behavior. It has a positive impact on feed hygiene and feed intake, increasing growth rates. At the same time, the stain- less steel trough is also an easily cleaned and durable solution.


Dry feeding

Jyden can supply the market's longest dry feeding system (up to 800 m with four corners) - a system characterized by having castor coner wheels with ball bearings. The holster of the corners are assembled via a simple click system, and the unit itself is modular. Parameters that ensure an easy assembly and an individual adaptation to the housing unit.

The system is delivered as standard with a 60 mm conveyor pipe with an inner, specially hardened steel chain. The shipping discs are made of PVC material and are positioned so that all chain links are free, minimising any feed wasta- ge. When providing feed to other systems / locations or when using larger feed quantities, we recommend using a 100 mm conveyor pipe.

The system's driver unit is supplied as a oneway feeding machine, and the hopper can be delivered as either oneway or twoways, i.e. with a separate feed forwarder. A feed screw/ auger can be connected and activated by the chain driver. The hopper (oneway, with feed forwarder) has a built in stone alarm that secures the system against various foreign objects.

The dry feeding system can be operated manually, semi-automated or fully automated. With a FC10 controller, the feed machine, volume dispenser, light, water etc. can be managed with the same system. Up to 20 different feed programs can be saved, and the volume dispensers can be opened automatically regardless of feeding times.

Flex auger system

Jyden's flex auger system can be adjusted to both vertical and horizontal transport of feed supply. The closed pipes of stainless steel or PVC ensures a hygienic and convenient transportation system. The flex auger can turn around in an angle up to 90° within a distance of 3 m, making it advantageous for corner constructions. With an extra station, the flex auger can be extended without maximum length, creating an great flexibility of the system.

The flex auger can be mounted by wirers at the ceiling thereby providing significant space saving. Generally, the flex auger has low installation and maintenance costs, making the transport system a profitable and reliable solution.
The maximum length of the flex auger is 80 m which is reduced by 0.2 metres per degree / bending. The flex auger is available in different types – for the type 55-75-90, the PVC pipes can be replaced with galvanized / stainless steel pipes. Flex auger can also be supplied with a stainless steel spiral, inlets and outlets, axles and food approved pipes.

Fiberglass silo

The fiberglass silo is produced in two moulded halves that are bolted together. The inside surface is smooth preventing feed from snagging or building up on the inside walls. There is a separate air inlet and outlet, which is taken to the ground, meaning that the feed dust is not on top of the silo.

The conical bottom of the silo is very steep and slippery and with an angle 77°, feed bridging is avoided - resulting in the feed quality is being maintained whilst feed hygiene remains high. It is possible to connect the silo with various stations or flex augers, and there is also a wide range of accessories such as outlet filters, galvanized inspection hatch and rain cover for the hopper station.

Swing feeder

Jyden's Swing feeder is a very strong and solid solution for dry feeding. The feeder has 16 different settings for feed dosage - and the adjustment handle can be turned around, making it possible to see it from different angles. The lid has a large flap for manual feeding and on the back of the lid there is an universal intake for automatic feeding. The feed hopper is transparent, ma- king it easy to follow the quantity of feed from a distance.
Both pellets and finely milled grain can be used in the feeder. When using greasy feed, feed bridging may occur. To prevent this, a grain plate is included with the feeder. The feeder has high quality water valves that ensure a stable water supply and an integrated water system (with the possibility of purchasing wa- ter circulation to avoid stagnant water).

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5 reasons to choose the Swing feeder from Jyden

  • Separation hangers are mounted on the frame
  • Water valve of high quality
  • 16 different settings
  • Made of plastic and stainless steel
  • Competetive feeding principle

-> No pressure on water pipes
-> Secure water supply
-> Optimized feed supply
-> Improved hygiene
-> Motivated appetite and increased growth

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