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Pen design


The design of JLF10 provides the sow with complete freedom of movement and opportunity to perform more natural behaviors. The dimensions of JLF10 is based on modern sow production for loose, lactating sows with large litters. There is no equipment in front of the udder, thus providing improved access to the udder, fewer teat fights and calmer nursings with high milk uptake for all piglets in the litter.
The design of the pen ensures that sows are facing the back wall during farrowing. This facilitates easy farrowing assistance and the piglets are born onto the solid floor where floor heat can be incorporated. Floor heat minimizes cooling of newborn piglets and thus improves piglet vitality.


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5 reasons to choose JLF10 from Jyden

  • Rest area close to the creep area 
  • Sloped wall 
  • Partly solid floor 
  • Straw rack 
  • Creep area placed by the aisle 

-> Short distance from udder to creep area
-> Supports the sow and protects the piglets
-> Environmentally friendly solution with reduced emissions
-> Free access to rooting and enrichment material
-> Good supervision of the piglets, easy operation and reduced spread of infection


The design of JLF10 SWAP is based on the principles and benefits of JLF10. However, in the JLF10 SWAP there is an optional additional protection of the piglets during the critical time around farrowing. The front of the creep area is designed to be folded out and used as farrowing wing for a few days around farrowing, during which time the risk of crushing piglets is the greatest. After this critical period, the protection rail is removed - giving the sow full freedom of movement In the majority of the lactation period. The sows' preference for laying with support on solid flooring is met by establishing an extra trough.

The placement of the trough by the aisle ensures a good overview of the sows' feed intake and well-being around farrowing.


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5 reasons to choose JLF10 SWAP from Jyden

  • Protection rail 
  • Trough placed by the aisle 
  • Sow protection for a few days 
  • Partly solid floor 
  • Creep area placed by the aisle 

-> Increased piglet survival and staff safety
-> Improved supervision immediately after farrowing
-> Improved physiology and milk production
-> Environmentally friendly solution with reduced emissions
-> Good supervision of the piglets, easy operation and reduced spread of infection


JLF15 is allowing extra protection for piglets during the critical period around farrowing. The pen dimensions allow good utilization of the area and freedom of movement for the sow. The sow is confined for the first days by use of the protection rails, thereby minimizing the piglet mortality. When confinement is no longer necessary, the sow regains freedom of movement. This provides optimal conditions for the piglets with good access to the udder during lactation.
The floor profile is mostly slatted - either with plastic or cast iron slats, ensuring good hygiene. The creep area is designed with solid floor or a rubber mat to ensure heat for the piglets, and placement of the creep at the aisle is at the same time improving the daily work routines.


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5 reasons to choose JLF15 from Jyden

  • Square pen design 
  • Fully slatted floor in the sow area 
  • Unique trough rail / pen blocks 
  • “Free access area" of the pen 
  • Two protection rails 

-> Space-saving solution
-> Good hygiene and low infection pressure
-> Great stability and long durability
-> Easy access to the trough
-> Increased piglet survival and good udder access


In the wean-to-finish and wean-to-30 kg pens, the sow is loose housed before, during and after farrowing. The sow is taken out of the pen at weaning whilst the piglets remain in the pen until they reach a weight of 30 kg (WT30) or finishing weight (WTF). When the piglets reach a certain size and they no longer need the covered area, the creep area can be removed by folding in the front of the creep.


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