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The farrowing crate can be fitted with a partially solid floor or a fully slatted floor where only the piglets resting area (by the covered creep area) has either a solid floor or one of Jyden's rubber mats. Plastic slats are often used in a combination floor, consisting of plastic slats at the piglets area and with cast iron slats at the sow's area. It ensures an optimum cooled floor for the sow while the piglets have a warmer floor area. The combination of plastic and cast iron slats is therefore both a clean and economically good solution, taking full advantage of the slats properties.

For the farrowing pen, cast iron slats with integrated perforated rubber mat can be combined with plastic slats. These holes also help to keep the lying area clean and dry for the sow. The rubber mat's holes provide air to the sow's skin, thus having a positive effect on the prevention of shoulder wounds. These holes also help to keep the lying area clean and dry for the sow. With Jyden's plastic and cast iron slats, it is possible to create a pen floor that provides a good environment for both sow and piglets.


5 reasons to choose plastic slats from Jyden

  • Plastic slats ensure a warmer floor for the piglets
  • Many combinations with plastic flooring
  • Optional foot hold, improving safety on slippery floors
  • Surface ensures good dung flow and hygiene
  • An easy-cleaning surface

5 reasons to choose cast iron slats from Jyden

  • Iron cast slats can handle high weight loads
  • Slats with a pointed surface provides good slip safety
  • Slats with a smooth surface provides good manure flow
  • Slats with a smooth surface helps to ensure a dry bedding
  • Made of GGG40 spheroidal graphite, ensuring long durability for the slats

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