Dividing animal groups

Dividing grilles are used for separation and division of animal groups. I.e. it can be used when separating cows that have recently calved from other cows in the loose barn unit. When combining more gates with posts in between, dividing grilles can be used along inside or outside alleys or as gates with good closing mechanisms. In the calving pen, dividing grilles with panels can be mounted, allowing the cow to find calm during calving and to prevent the spread of infection between the penning.

The open models are typically used in loose barn units for divide the animals into teams, thus ensuring a good overview of the barn and the animals. The pipes on the dividing grille can either be mounted vertically or horizontally - depending on the required function. Jyden offers three and four pipe dividing grilles with telescopic pieces, providing high flexibility when adjusting the length (1.5-5.5 m).

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