Cubicle divider

Cubicle divider 16/ 16A

Jyden's unique cubicle divider 16/ 16A provides optimal comfort for the cow. The specially designed shape of the cubicle divider minimizes the risk of the cow getting stuck, thus reducing the risk of injuried animals. From behind, the cubicle divider provides a natural and optimal position in the cubicle.

It ensures a cleaner bedding, thus providing a better hygiene, less deseases and an improved milk quality.
In addition, the cubicle divider provides good freedom of movement for the cow when laying down and rising, resulting in more time of resting. This reflects in higher animal welfare and milk yielding.

5 reasons to choose cubicle divider 16 / 16A

  • Optimal rest position for the cow
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Increased animal welfare for the cow
  • High stability of the cubicles
  • Customized solution (can be mounted on front pipes or posts)

Cubicle divider 17G

The design of cubicle divider 17G allows the cow to use the full length of the cubicle when laying down and rising. The cubicle divider provides the cow with great freedom of movement in the cubicle - and an open resting area gives the opportunity for a long-term resting period. The result is improved animal welfare and better profitability. The cubicle divider 17G is to be bolted directly on the floor without moulding. It ensures that the cubicle divider always has an optimal inclination with the respect of the bedding angle. The cubicle divider can be mounted without posts, making it possible to vary the width of the cubicle, thus ensuring the future of the barn. The double neck rail including cross brackets ensures a strong construction, thus providing long durability.

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