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Jydens ventilation systems - a safe choice!

The basic elements of natural ventilation is an optimal utilization of the wind around the building as well as the thermal buoyancy inside the building. Jyden has a wide range of natural ventilation - with everything from rolling and folding curtains, light panels and inlets for breeze and roof ventilation.

Whichever solution is chosen, the system is adapted to housing dimension, animal husbandry and climate. All systems can be connected to Jydens CC-Controller series with complete weather station.

5 reasons to choose ventilation systems from Jyden

  • 10 years light warranty from the manufacturer on light panels
  • Curtain fabrics are flame retardant and approved
  • Economically in operation
  • Simple constructions with long durability
  • Minimal service

Climate zones

Polar climate

Cold climate

Moderate climate

Subtropical climate

Tropical climate

JBN-1: Alu-roof ventilation, fixed / open, for air outlet     
Jyden's alu-roof is used for draining on roofs in naturally ventilated with fixed opening or adjustable opening. Alu-roof is built in a strong aluminum construction, mounted with light panels that prevent rain and snow from coming inside the building. On the side of the alu-roof there are windshields, leading the wind above the roof, thereby creating a negative pressure in the building.

Alu-roof also serves as a fire ventilation in agricultural buildings.
Mounting dimensions: 1.0-3.0 m. (W)

JBN-2: Roof light, roof tops with or without light - for air outlets  
Roof light is useful when requiring a high level of light intensity. The light panels are mounted directly on the roof construction (without rafters) at a width of less than 1.2 meters - and with rafters for a width of max. 2.4 metres.

A chimney can be mounted for extraction directly in the light panels.
Mounting dimensions: 0.6-2.4 m. (W) - depending on roof construction

JBN-4: Light panels - for air intake    
Light panels are characterized by a simple and strong construction, providing the light panels to be mounted in rails and raised up and down for air intake.

Light panels are provided in two types;
- wire pull, manually or electric
- axle pull including harness (effective by a long and high building)
Mounting dimensions: 0.7 / 1.05 / 1.4 / 1.7 (H) x 3.0 m (L)

JBN-5: Folding curtains - for air intake     
Jydens folding curtains are available in three types
- with rope and wire pull
- with wind pipe kit and wire pull
- with wind pipe kit and axle pull including harnesses
The duvet is fastened to the bottom of the angle rail, thereby preventing draft at the bottom. A wire or a harness is fastened in the top and the system opens from the top to the bottom - manually or by motor.
Mounting dimensions: 1.0-4.0 m. and 100 m. in a row (L)

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