Group penning

Group penning with bedding in the entire penning area - and with closed pen walls - are recommended for calves up to the age of four months, avoiding infections being transferred between the pens. After the lactation period, group penning will be established with a small feeding area (without straw), with a decrease of 2-5% against the strewn area. The feed area must be adapted to the length of the animals. Thus, the animals themselves keep the feed area clean by trapping the manure back to the bedding. From the feed area, steps are provided to the strewn resting area in the total width of the penning. Group penning with a long unstretched feed area is especially recommended for larger youngsters. It is possible to reduce the need for bedding by scrap- ping manure from the feed area once or several times a day.

With a long feed area, animals can stand at the feed bunker and eat while the other heifers can pass behind. As with the short feeding area, steps are provided to the strewn area depending on how often it is planned to remove manure from the pen. As far as possible, there must be óne feeding area along the feed bunker to each animal in the pen. The front of the feed bunker can be established with horizontal pipes, headlocks or feeding racks - it is important to avoid neck pressures by placing the pipes in an appropriate height according to the size of the animals.

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