Calf boxes

Calf boxes in unique module design

The calf box block is made of modules within in a single row or in a double row, with a partition wall in between the rows. The calf box block meets the needs for calf rearing success with less infection and a healthier environment. The front and side partitions of the calf box block have vertical bars at the top section, providing good social contact with neighboring calves. The vertical bars prevent the calf from getting stuck, minimizing the risk of calf injuries.The side partitions are available with a passage feature that allows more physical con- tact from neighbouring calves, providing a positive effect on their welfare.

The calf box block is equipped with a practical lifting yoke that makes it possible to remove the calf box block, ensuring a quick and effective cleaning.

Each calf box has a front opening with a shepherd spear providing easy access to the calf box when handling the calf. A stainless steel trough attached to the front. The calf box block has been designed to provide the calf with adequate ventilation and with easy access to feed and water. The calf box block is strong and solid, ensuring long durability.

5 reasons to choose calf boxes from Jyden

  • Multiple module options
  • Vertical pipes at the top
  • Functional design with lifting yoke
  • Strong and durable material
  • Easy access via herd spear in the front

-> Easy fitting to the dimension of the barn
-> Good social contact and improved animal welfare
-> Effective cleaning and good hygiene
-> Long durability
-> High usability

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