Drinking trough for different needs

Depending on the barn principle and the number of cows, there are different requirements for water solutions. Jyden offers three different types of drinking troughs: free-standing, for suspension on wall and for mounting on wall / post. A water valve is connected to all drinking troughs, always ensuring clean and enough water for the animals. For free-standing drinking troughs, the animals can drink from both sides. It is recommended to include a minimum of two drinking spots per group of animals.

5 reasons to choose drinking troughs from Jyden

  • Several trough sizes and types
  • Good width and moderate depth
  • Built-in water circulation
  • Rubber stopper at the bottom
  • Made of stainless steel

-> Customized solution
-> Greater water surface, less waste
-> Prevents frostbite
-> Easy emptying & cleaning of the tub
-> Ensures stability and long durability

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