Feed trough to ensure optimal feed allocation

For beef calves in growth, the amount of feed allocated will rise proportionally, and in order to ensure that the calves have a sufficient amount of feed available 24 hours a day, the feeding advantage can be given via a large feeding trough. The trough has a large capacity of 180 liters and depending on the size of the group penning, more troughs can be placed next to each other.

When the calves are to be moved, they typically have to enter the front gate where feed troughs are placed. As the troughs just hang on the front gate, it facilitates the workflow when the calves enter and exit the group penning. The trough weighs only 13 kg which also makes it easy to handle in general. The large roundings allow for an easy cleaning of the trough.

The design of trough helps to minimize feed wastage as the high front edge of the trough catches feed that the calves spill when they are munching. This feature optimises feed utilisation which benefits the production economy.

5 reasons to choose feed trough from Jyden

  • Capacity of 180 liters
  • Suspended without use of tools
  • Functional design
  • Strong plastic material
  • Smooth surface and round corners

-> Room for large amount of feed
-> Great usability
-> Minimizes feed wastage
-> Long durability
-> Easy and efficient cleaning

Chain transport system

The chain transport system is easy to adapt to any location within the vari- ous feed stations in the barn. With a chain transport system, all machines or robots can have their own sensor, thus individual feed can be given.
When installing the chain transport system, heavy corner wheels with wheel bearings are used. The corner wheel turns the system 90 ̊ on only 40cm - both vertically and horizontally. The chain transport system can be up to 800 met- res long by establishing four corners and can be installed as Ø60 mm or Ø100 mm system.

5 reasons to choose chain transport system from Jyden

  • Safe feeding solution from silo to barn
  • More options with piping
  • High reliability
  • Mounting-friendly
  • Simple and easy-to-use solution

Flex auger system

Jyden's flex auger system can be adjusted to both vertical and horizontal transport of feed supply. The closed pipes of stainless steel or PVC ensures a hygienic and convenient transportation system. The flex auger can turn around in an angle up to 90° within a distance of 3 metres, making it advantageous for corner constructions. With an extra station, the flex auger can be extended without maximum length, creating an great flexibility of the system.

The flex auger can be mounted by wires at the ceiling thereby providing significant space saving. Generally, the flex auger has low installation and maintenance costs, making the transport system a profitable and reliable solution.
The maximum length of the flex auger is 80 metres which is reduced by 0.2 metres per degree / bending. The flex auger is available in different types – for the type 55-75-90, the PVC pipes can be replaced with galvanized / stainless steel pipes. Flex auger can also be supplied with a stainless steel spiral, inlets and outlets, axles and food approved pipes.


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Fiberglass silo

The fiberglass silo is produced in two moulded halves that are bolted together. The inside surface is smooth which prevents feed from snagging or building up on the inside walls. There is a separate air inlet and outlet, which is taken to the ground, meaning that the feed dust is not on top of the silo.

The conical bottom of the silo is very steep and slippery and with an angle 77°, feed bridging is avoided - resulting in the feed quality is being maintained whilst and the feed hygiene remains high.
It is possible to connect the silo with various stations or flex augers, and there is also a wide range of accessories such as outlet filters, galvanized inspection hatch and rain cover for the station.

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