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Manual brush for skin care and activity

Jydens manual rotating brush is intended to be used for skin care for cattle of all ages and sizes. The movement of the brush also makes it suitable for activity material, and in a number of ways it can increase the welfare of the animals - in regards to skin care but also as a functional activity tool.

The brush is not power consuming, thus being practical for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. The brush is designed to hang freely while providing the cow opportunity to rotate the brush, thus achieving the required effect.

5 reasons to choose the manual, rotating cow brush from Jyden

  • Simple construction
  • Easy adjustment acc. to the animals
  • Large mobility
  • Brush for effective skin care
  • No engine, free-hanging

-> Easy mounting
-> Flexible use
-> Useful as activity tool
-> Increased animal welfare
-> Economical savings

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