Pigs are clean

The natural behaviour of pigs is to sleep in one place, eat in another and go to the toilet in a third some metres away from their resting area. This behaviour is supported in modern housing systems to give the pig the opportunity to behave as it would in the wild. Pigs prefer to rest on a clean and dry surface without drafts and with a comfortable temperature. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the pig, the lower their comfortable resting temperature.  By observing at the lying behaviour of the pigs you can tell if the temperature is right. Pigs that are lying on their sternum huddled together with pen mates are likely cold, and if they are lying on their side, spread out in the pen, they are likely to be warm. The design of the pens, the proportion of open and closed pen partitions, the proportion of solid and slatted floor, sprinkler systems and the placement of feed and water can all affect the functionality of the pens. This is why it is very important to consider all of these factors when you design your pens.