Pigs are active and curious

The pig is an active animal with a clear diurnal pattern. They spend 10-12 hours of the day sleeping and a large part of the day is spent seeking for feed and rooting around the ground. The provision of feed in a modern production takes this behavior into account in that feed is provided at floor level in a way that stimulates the rooting behavior of pigs. In the morning and in the afternoon when they are looking for feed, eating and playing with each other, are the most active periods of the day. In the middle of the day they normally rest.

Pigs are very curious animals and they possess good learning capabilities, probably due to their feed seeking behavior. They can learn to use a feeder, drinking valves, toys and so on, either by cues from humans, or by seeing other pigs doing it. It can be especially beneficial for the newly weaned pigs to teach them how to use different devices in order to give them a better start, as they often don’t have the experience to know how these devices work. It can also be advantageous to have uniform systems across all units so the pigs are familiar with the all devices when they are moved to a new unit.