Cows prioritizes

A high yielding milking cow has a busy schedule and it can be difficult to fit in all her requirements in a day. A dairy cow is lying down for 10-14 hours a day, distributed throughout 15-20 periods. A cow that does not get enough rest is both physiologically and mentally stressed., which is not appropriate for the cow or the production of milk. It is therefore important, that there are stall spaces for all cows, that the equipment in the resting area is not hindering the behaviour of the cow and that the flooring has solid grip, is resilient and attractive to the cow. All cows are unique and have a different shape and size; long, short, wide and small. The bigger the difference in the physical appearance of the cows in the herd, the more difficult it is to design the appropriate stall. Stalls in a loose housed barn is designed according to the size of an average cow as it is not possible to design them optimally for cows of all sizes. A cow that stands up or lies down should preferably be able to do so in one unhindered movement. It should not take more than 5-6 seconds until the cow is standing up or lying down in the stall. Cows with leg problems can be additionally challenged almost regardless of the design of the stall- therefore these cows should be housed in deep bedded pens.