Cows are ruminants

The natural diurnal rhythm of a cow changes between periods where they rest, eat and drink and they can move across large distances in their search for good pasture and resting areas. A cow on grass will typically eat four-five times a day and in between lie down to ruminate- a behavior that is very important for the cow to fully utilize the roughage. A cow has the longest and most intensive uptake of grass around sunrise and sunset. Optimal grazing strategies include cows on pasture early in the morning and late in the evening. The same principle is applied in modern housing systems where cows are fed early in the morning and late in the afternoon. A grazing cow will move across the land whilst lowering the front of her body to better be able to chew the grass off. A barn designed well for cows should provide them with an opportunity to lower their front when eating. This is why the feeder is typically raised 10 cm above the level of the front legs which also compensates for the fact that the cow is standing still while eating the feed.