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Fiber glass from Jyden

Jyden’s fiber glass solution has a high quality and great longevity. The fiber glass penning is the strongest material for animal housing design – with a compact core as well as a smooth surface. The smooth surface reduces the build-up of bacteria and facilitates easy and efficient cleaning. A clean environment means better hygiene and lower frequency of diseases, and thereby better options for a greater and optimized production. A factor that has a positive impact on production economy.


Design with care

Jyden’s fiber glass solution comes from excess materials from the wind industry, and Jyden is following the development of fiber glass closely. Fiber glass has a green color that lets sunlight shine through. This gives a very good light that provide both animals and humans in the barn with positive living and working conditions.

By choosing a fiber glass solution you can, in collaboration with Jyden, increase focus on longevity, operational safety, animal welfare and minimal maintenance cost.

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Neutral color and individual dimensions

The fiber glass panel is created in a light, green color, which means that the fiber glass panel can be easily adapted to other materials.

The weight of 1 m2 1mm thick fiber glass panel is 17 kg.

Standard fiber glass panels are produced in formats of 3,600 x 1,300 x 10 mm but can also be delivered cut to size according to your needs for specific dimensions.

High strength composite panel

Jyden’s fiber glass panels is a high strength composite panel produced from recycled, epoxy-bonded fiber glass.

The fiber glass panels has a high strength and a resistant surface meaning that it can be used in places with need for high strength and an especially strong and resilient surface – animal housing as an example.

Easy and simple cleaning

With a smooth surface, Jyden’s fiber glass facilitates easy and simple cleaning. A very efficient cleansing can be achieved with high pressure cleaning.

Great longevity

Despite a thickness of only 10 mm, Jyden’s fiber glass panel is characterized by a high extension and deflecting capacity. The panels are dimensionally stable, 100% water proof and temperature stable. The surface is extremely impact resistant.

Wide range of applications

Jyden’s fiber glass panels can be used in temperatures from  -30°C to +80°C and can be used for a widely in the construction and penning industry, where there are high requirements for hygienic and moisture resistant surface with a high mechanical strength and durability.

Technical data

Breaking strength - density Breaking strength / Yield strength Density Strength in relation to weight
Steel 235 7800 235/7800=0,03
fiberglass panel 350 1700 350/1700=0,21


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