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Knowledge based solutions

At Jyden we focus on innovation and technology in housing systems for animal production. Our knowledge about the animals’ requirements of their environment is great and we know how to create the best conditions for a good housing environment.
To be the best - we work with the best
At Jyden we want to deliver the best results. But we also know that we can not be good at everything. That is why we work with professionals and specialists, so we can keep focusing on the development of animal production in the future and the position as one of Europe’s largest total suppliers of modern housing systems. With a focus on innovation and technology Jyden is a leader in our field and sets new standards for good housing environments.

When we collect expert knowledge we use it (functionally). This is done via innovative solutions that does not only fulfill all requirements – but also takes it one step further in relation to working environment, animal welfare and energy efficiency- these are all factors that play a significant part in a healthy production economy.

At Jyden we continue to expand our collaborations with the leading research centres, experts and specialists. Our customers improve every day – and require more from us as well.