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Jydens standards all over the world

To ensure our customers and their animals get the best conditions, the starting point of Jydens work with housing systems is in the Danish legislation.
Because of our Danish origin we have been part of the structural process that Nordic farming has gone through. This development is one of the reasons why Scandinavia is amongst the best in the world when it comes to agriculture and food production.

The clear guidelines, controlled use of medication and the low emission of gases per produced unit contributes to a production of very high quality, both when it comes to organic and conventional agriculture.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture politics has to do with a high quality of the Scandinavian produced food that we all buy. And they are. The Nordic countries are amongst the best when it comes to pig welfare and they get better every day. An example is the castration of male piglets, which is now only being done with the  use of local anesthesia- Danish pig farmers are world leaders when it comes to building free farrowing barns from their own initiative.   

It makes us proud that consumers can eat Nordic produced food, guaranteed to be of high quality and produced with concern for animal welfare and the environment. This is why it is fundamental for us when we engage in a collaboration where we supply equipment or other products, that the Nordic standards are maintained and complied with, regardless of where we are in the world.