A responsible business partner

Jyden is an integrated part of animal production all over the world. Every day we deliver and install equipment that creates the foundation for state of the art housing environments with great impact on the performance and well-being of the animals. In all aspects of our business, Jyden is obligated to run our business in a responsible and legal way with respect and considerations of economic, social and environmental consequences of our activities. 

We are obligated to reduce our environmental impact and to improve animal welfare via our products. We are constantly working to: dispose resources responsibly, reduce pollution, re-use resources and prevent our solutions from harming the land.



A responsible work place

Jyden is part of “Care for young”, a socially responsible initiative that helps young people find their way through an education into companies by starting with a job that can ensure them competencies to complete an education. At Jyden we strive to contribute when it comes to young people that are challenged in different ways and that are not currently associated with the work force – or are on their way but need a mentor to reach the finish line. These young people can be challenged by several factors such as mental vulnerability, physical challenges or lack of adult role models and relations. We attempt to perform our activities in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees and our aim is to have zero accidents. We respect internationally recognized human rights and all ofour employees are treated in accordance to abiding laws and conventions.