Core values

At Jyden we have a set of core values that has great influence on the way we run our business. These four corporate values have been a part of our activities since the inception in 1923 with the Andersen family, and has since become guiding principles for our development of Jyden for almost a century.


What it means as a core value: We strive with passion to do continuously improve in our daily work. We have passion and pride in what we do and how we do it. This affects our image and how we are seen in the eyes of our customers and the rest of the world.


What it means as a core value: We care for today and for the future. We do this with forward thinking, planning and execution in our daily work. This is why new information, innovation and the search for new ideas is an important part of our mindset.


What it means as a core value: Honesty and responsibility. Transparency in both the good and the bad. All this is very important to us because it provides us with continuous development, reward in yields and promotion of our potential and close relations.


What it means as a core value: The quality of our products, consulting and service. Good experiences in a collaboration and the appreciation of quality, including when the project is finished. This is anchored throughout our company after almost 100 years in the industry.