24. October 2018
New slogan same values
With Jyden's new global vision, we have worked on the framework that we believe gives the public the clearest perception of our daily work.
25. October 2018
Meet Jyden at the following agricultural fairs
Jyden attends a wide range of fairs this year to meet our customers wherever they are. We are currently at this year's Elmia Lantbruk in Jönköping.
25. October 2018
Welcome to our new website
It is with great pleasure that we launch our new website, where you can explore our business and gain insight into our focus on exploring and challenging our industry for the best results.
26. October 2018
New Brochures Out Now
Jyden has sent out our new brochure. Here you can get more information about our systems on a concept level, so you have a better overview of your next project.
11. December 2018
Advice and penning to Bioland, Ukraine
Jyden has implemented lots of projects all over the world this year. One is these are our project in Ukraine, Agrocomplex "Bioland".
18. December 2018
One step in the right direction for Jydens ventilation system
Jydens development and ventilation technicians are working on a new regulatory principle for our CC10 ventilation system. This work means we are now relaunching our CC10 system, which is now ready to meet the latest standards in the animal production industry.