Recycling material

  • Some commodities we use are recycled materials- the green fiberglass is recycled from wind mill production. By pressing it together we have the strongest type of plates on the market with a long durability. Fiberglass is particularly good for sows, as they have a heavy impact on their housing.
  • Another example are the gates for piglet covers which are made of recycled plastic strengthened with a smooth and dirt-proof surface.

Cleanable solutions

  • All our materials have high cleanable standards. Depending on the material, the surface can be slightly marked or totally smooth to reduce dirt getting caught- this allows the material to be easily cleaned.

  • Using plates of fiberglass and fiber are preferable if you wish to minimize the accumulation of bacteria. Materials with cavities will always be exposed to bacteria retention and these cannot be cleaned.

  • We see the system as a whole, and not only the cleanable plate materials. That means we thought about easy cleaning designs into closures, connections, foot plates etc. All in all we prioritize as few places as possible where dust and dirt can accumulate and risk the health of the animals.